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How To Keep A Houseplant Alive: Tips and Guide For Beginners

How To Keep A Houseplant Alive: Tips and Guide For Beginners

Are you an individual who does loves gardening and owning various kinds of plants? Do you know how to keep a houseplant alive?

Who doesn’t love plants? Of course, everyone does! This is also a perfect gift to your mother that she will surely love. Knowing the fact that most of our mothers love planting and makes this their hobby at the same time.

Because of this pandemic, there are a lot of people who just chose to plant different kinds of plants. Some of them choose the one which is health beneficial, and some are just so attractive to the one which produces flowers. 

Also, they do this as their business to have an extra income. Doing planting has the benefits of relieving your stress and anxiety from work or in your daily routine. During these trying times, you experience a lot of anxiety, stress, chaos and are super busy doing things for living. You need hobbies that are good for your physical and mental health. The one which can give you positive energy, vibes and that would reflect your home as well. 

House Plants are our modern accessories that are loved by many. This is because of its natural way for us humans to stay with nature. Plants help people to become healthy and at the same time helps the environment to have clean air. Furthermore, being surrounded by a green environment gives you a calming effect and good vibes. This helps also to beautify spaces and give some fresh air. 

One of the most appealing spots at home is where your plants are located. this will give your home a new aura and at the same time, it will help your house cozier.  With this, you need to make sure that you must take good care of your houseplants. There are many ways in keeping your houseplants alive. Here are the best tips to help you with your plant care journey and to keep your houseplant alive.

Here Are Some Recommendations I Can Give You For Keeping Indoor Plants:

There are many cases where you can’t keep your indoor plant alive for a long time. You need to read this for further information on how to take care of your indoor plants.

Here are the tips you can use as your guide whenever you wish to make your own garden at home. Also, in keeping the houseplant alive for a long period of time.

#1 Choose the watering pots

When you do planting make sure to choose the watering pots that have adequate drainage. To have a successful growth of the plants proper drainage is very important. If there is no hole in your pot the water may get stuck in the soil and this may cause the drowning of your plants and worst this will cause plants to wither and die. You will know that your plants have a drainage problem if you notice that your plant is wilted and your soil is too wet.

Unlike if there are proper drainage plants will likely absorb all the water and have healthy plants. Moreover to have healthy and strong plants they will also need a bigger space to grow their roots. Ideally, if your plants grow big, choose a bigger pot in order for the roots to have extra space to stretch out.

#2 Give them plenty of light

Just like us human plants also get extra sunlight for them to live stronger and healthier. Whenever these plants are indoor they need to be exposed to the sun. Take note also that long exposure to the sun may also affect the plants so it must be balanced. Especially if your plants are good indoors. 

The perfect place you can put it is in front of your windows, table and beside your door where there is an exposure of sunlight. With providing them enough sunlight makes your houseplants grow healthy and strong. Sunlight is the number one factor to grow your houseplants. Plants require this in order for them to produce seeds, bloom, and grow. 

#3 Use good potting soil

If you plan on repotting your plants, consider using good potting soil. Just like when you choose a good pot, also choose the type of soil that is good for your plants. Unfortunately choosing ordinary soil in your backyard may not give enough nutrients that houseplants need. For instance, if you use soil that is located in your backyard, it doesn’t give you the assurance that it will grow longer. So in other words, the best way to choose soil is to buy it from the plant sellers. 

Most of the soil they use contains a lot of fertilizers and nutrients that will make the houseplants grow stronger and healthy. Depending on what types of plant you are planting. Other plants do not require fertilizer. An example of this is a succulent or cactus, it does not require any fertilizer but potted ones will.

#4 Keep your pet away

When you do planting there is always a houseplant that makes your favorite and attractive. But what if your pet eats and destroys it? Of Course, you must take note that when taking care of houseplants, you must take it away from your pets.

Plants are attractive to pets, they see it as a toy and a good source of food. In order to take away your plants from your pet, try to place them in a high place area of your house. Another reason that others may harm your pet is that it has a poisonous substance. For indoors you can put it on top of your cabinet or high up on the counter. Make sure to have it exposed from the sun.

#5 Watering not too much not too little

When giving water to the plants can be sensitive. To be able to have strong and healthy plants you need to balance when giving water. Too much water can cause the plants from drowning, while if you give less water this can also make the plants dry. There are various plants that have different preferences. Some of the plants live in dry soil and some of them prefer wet soil. But most of the plants prefer to water if they need it.

You can feel that your houseplants are in need of more water if the soil is too dry and their leaves start to dry and fall. The same also if you give too much water to your houseplants. If you try to touch the soil and it’s slightly wet then you don’t need to water it. There is no prescribed amount of water how often they need this. The most important is to monitor what are the needs of your houseplants. 

Whenever your plants are good indoors or for outdoor use, it is important that you monitor every plant’s concern. Actually, most of the concerns of indoor plants are the same also with outdoor plants. Somehow, there are some additional tips that need to be taken care of when planting outdoor houseplants. Here are some tips to keep your outdoor houseplant alive.

Here’s To A More Recommendations For Your Plants Both Indoor and Outdoor

Keep an eye for the temperature

Given the fact that this plant is for outdoor use, one of the most concerns is the weather.  One of the factors why most outdoor plants tend to shrivel up and die is the weather. In some countries that have a winter season, cold weather can affect your outdoor plants and this can cause plants to wilt. So you must keep an eye for the temperature. You can place your plants inside your house if you know there is a possibility of snow.

In this case, you will protect your plants from dying. Same also in Asian countries they experience hot weather throughout the year. High temperatures can cause the plants to droop and wilt. To prevent house plants from dying, water them regularly and move them in a shaded area if the weather is too hot.

Keep Pest Away

One of the concerns for outdoor plants is it has a high risk for animals and insects.  Plants are attractive to animals because they just love the smell and taste of your outdoor plants. Rabbits, squirrels, worms, and ants are among the examples of insects and animals who love to eat and destroy plants.

To prevent this from happening you must think of an idea that will keep your potted plants safe and away from insects and animals. A barrier fence, most likely the effective option to avoid animals eating your plants. If you have some extra plastic gallons and an unused basket you can use these materials to make hanging house plants. Aside from this is a safe method for houseplants it can also make your house more beautiful.

Think About The Rain

For some reason, there are some plants that can withstand rain. But for some plants, it might be the reason for plants drowning. If your area experiences heavy rain that tends to last for how many days, this is not good for your houseplants.

This may cause the leaves to become wilted and the roots will start to soften. Because there is so much water in the soil and the plants can absorb it easily. Before this happens, you might as well move your plants to a shaded area or put them inside your house until the heavy rain stops.


If you are new to the world of gardening, deadheading is the process of removing dead flower heads from the plants to produce new blooms. This process is suitable for both indoor and outdoor houseplants. But as we know that outdoor plants have more chances to produce a flower, this process is always used in outdoor houseplants. Furthermore, deadheading is very important to produce new flowers. If you pinch some parts of the plants that are dead already, this tends to have a new bloom. This will help your plants grow healthy and beautiful.

Watch for Shades Vs. Sun

This is something important you need to know for outdoor plants. For instance, if you buy a new plant you can try to ask a plant seller if that plant is good for full sun, full shades, or a combination of two. Or you can check it online. Once you check the type of light that needs of that plant this is the time to find a good place suits for the plant. You can put your plants outside your house or you can put them inside.

If you choose to move it inside your house or in a shady part make sure that there is a presence of sunlight. Some of the examples of plants that need full sun are sunflower, rosemary, butterfly weed, and daylily. These plants can live with full sun exposure. While there are outdoor plants that need a full shade and these are coral bells, primrose, pulmonaria, and astilbe.

What Are The Benefits Of Plant Having This At Home 

Here are the top benefits you can expect from the plants you have even the indoor ones. Planting can be considered a great recreational activity that helps you to become busy and helps you divert your situations. 

This helps improves your health 

Research shows the importance of having a plant in a recovery room in a hospital. They held this experiment when they compared the two patients, both recovering from the surgery. There are a lot of plants which are good for your health and not only that but at the same time good for the environment. Plants are not just a design in every corner at home or at the hospital but this has a lot of health benefits to look forward to.

According to the research, with plants at home, any one member of the family who is recovering can help to reduce fatigue, anxiety, less pain medication, lower your heart rates, and as well as blood pressure. Another good thing having indoor plants not only intended for your house but can be your office as well. You are able to prevent cough, cold, stress, and fatigue that may cause anxiety to you.

So, whenever you are having a hard time handling everyone’s health condition in the family, at some point plants can help you to do that. Another fact that can be considered is that plants are great in eyes! 

It Purifies the air

Studies show that plants can lessen the toxins from the environment and the air by about 87% (VOCs) in just 24hours. There are many kinds of plants where can helps purifies the air that is passing through at home and in your room. You don’t need to make an effort for this as it goes naturally. 

Here are the following plants that you can have indoor that help to purify the air more evenly. 

  • Florist’s chrysanthemums or “mums” 
  • Bamboo palms
  • Chinese evergreen
  • Rubber plants
  • Peace lilies 
  • English ivy
  • Snake Plants 

So, whenever you think that you need a device that can help you to purifies the air at home, place many of the plants in every corner. This will help a lot not just decorating your home but it does purify your whole area more naturally! 

Hence, if you wish to know what are plants you can put and how to grow vegetables indoors, you can click this button below.

Humans and plants are partners 

Knowing the fact that during photosynthesis plants absorb carbon dioxide which humans will release. On the other hand, human needs oxygen for use to breathe and to survive and that’s the reason why we need plants. Plants can produce oxygen a process of gas that both are naturally beneficial to each other. 

This is one of the reasons why a lot of people wanted plants in their garden and at the same time inside their home. And this is to make breathing much easier and at the same time, the air is absolutely clean. 

There are different types of plants in which are capable of producing clean air as it is natural for the plants to produce oxygen. So, whenever you can have that clean air and you live in a busy city where a lot of pollution it is a smart move to keep your house with a lot of plants. 

Plants are great decoration at home

Whenever you are planning to have a renovation at home or interior design to change, then planning to have the various plants at home is a perfect idea. There are a lot of artificial plants today which is much lighter than the original one. This must be the reason why some people just choose to have this instead of having a real one. 

Yes, it would be a good decoration at home, but you need to think as well about the benefits of the real plants this can give your family. Plants are a natural decoration to your home. At the same time, this can help you in many ways maintaining a good environment for the family. So, whenever you are having a hard time thinking about what will be the best decoration at home then it’s time for you to buy a plant. 

For some people, whenever they have a smaller space to decorate such as a condo and apartment, they prefer to have plants. The reason behind these plants can help the space be more relaxing and wider at the same time. A greenish environment is the best and calming to your naked eyes. 

Plants help you to have a better sleep.

Do you find yourself as an individual who is having a hard time sleeping? Well, there are a lot of plants that can contribute to falling asleep easily. Plants can turn your routine more beneficial to your health. This happens when the plants release oxygen and this can help purifies the air in your room or at home. When the air is purified and the air is clean, then this can make the whole environment calmer and relax at the same time. This is the reason why you can sleep better. 

So, whenever you are having a hard time during the night sleep, or you are an individual who is suffering from insomnia, to have a plant at home is an effective way. Another fact why plants help you to have a good night’s sleep is because of their attractive appearance which is very soothing. 

Plants combat stress and anxiety 

With the existence today of the Covid-19 virus, you are just sitting on your couch the whole day. staying at home is never easy as you can’t do whatever you wish to do just like before. The reason why a lot of people are suffering today from stress and worst could turn to anxiety. Children also can suffer from this, so in response to this engaging yourself in planting is a productive way to combat anxiety and stress. 

You can plant according to the space you have at home. Whenever, you are suffering from stress, anxiety, depression it is a good thing to have plants that can help you to relax. When having indoor plants can help to make your house more calming and gives a positive aura at the same time. You don’t need to spend a lot of money just to change the vibes at home, you just need to add green colors which are the plants. 

Plants can help you prevent headache 

Research shows that according to their experiment plants can combat and purifies the air from these chemicals, formaldehyde, benzene, and trichloroethylene. The reason for your headache is this formaldehyde that can be found in the air. This gas is commonly used for the production of leather and carpets as well. So, whenever you can smell it or the air at home has this, it’s time for you t have plants at home.

Plants release oxygen and this can help to fewer these various gases in the air. And rather eliminates, plants can naturally purify the air. 

Plants can filter smoke from cigarettes 

Whenever there is someone at home who is a smoker, this can leave the whole area smells of cigarettes. Yes, you can hide the odor by spraying various brands that help to combat the smell but the fact is smoking stays in that area. 

So, if you have a smoker at home you need to have a plant. There are a lot of plants that could help you in cleaning the air naturally. Plants are able to purify the air you are breathing, so no need to buy a lot of equipment just to purify the air at home and to filter smoke from cigarettes.

 Plants can absorb noise

There are a lot of people who don’t know about this fact. But the thing is the leaves of plants have a special power and this is absorbing the noise from the environment. So, whenever you are planning to live in a small space like a condo and apartment you can put plants in your area. 

It is very suitable if you have kids at home and they tend to always have the loudest noise. Thus, you can’t only use the plant to filter noise but you can have them appreciate by your kids in their younger years. You can show them what nature can offer and how plants are powerful and beneficial for their health. 

Final Thoughts

Keeping your houseplants alive is a little bit tricky. Whenever you have an idea in planting it is important that you consider following those tips to make sure that you are guided. It is important that you are alert to every concern of your houseplants. This is all about how to re-pot your indoor or outdoor house plants, how much sunlight they need, or how to use healthy soil that mostly needs to grow a plant to grow strong and healthy. And to differentiate what types of plants need full sun, full shades, or a combination of two. 

Different plants have different ways to survive. In order for them to survive, each plant needs special attention. But sometimes not all plants do survive, maybe they are not in a good condition to grow. This is also because of us, because of the busy days we tend to forget to take care of our plants.  Taking care of your plants can play a big role in focusing on the other things that surround you. Keeping plants also reminds us that we need to go with nature to appreciate the beauty in it. 

Do you have plants inside your home? Does it give you positive energy and a positive aura at home? 

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