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4 Tall Indoor Plant Stands For Multiple Plants

Tall plant stands hit two birds with one stone: adding an aesthetic touch to your home and saving precious space. The best thing is that these stands are available in various sizes, designs, colors, and materials. And to help you find the best picks, I reviewed here four tall indoor plant stands for multiple plants. See which one suits your indoor growing hobby:

 Our Top Pick! 
VIVOSUN Multi-Tier
Wooden Plant Stand
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Magshion Bamboo
4-Tier Plant Stand
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CFMOUR Multi-Tier
Plant Stand
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Multi-Tier Plant Stand
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4 Tall Indoor Indoor Plant Stands For Multiple Plants


OUR TOP PICK: VIVOSUN Multi-Tier Wooden Plant Stand
tall indoor plant stands for multiple plants

Product Name: VIVOSUN Multi-Tier Wooden Plant Stand

Product Description: When it comes to tall indoor plant stands for multiple plants, I swear by the VIVOSUN Multi-Tier Wooden Plant Stand. It’s made of natural fir wood that resists moisture damage. It also has a naturally smooth surface and reinforced slats for added stability. Moreover, this stand has six shelves that can house 11 pots. It comes with simple screws and planks that you can put up on your own, even if you’re not much of a handyman. The material of this stand can endure 300C, which makes it fire-resistant. It can also support up to 110 lbs. of weight, which is more than enough for 11 potted plants. There are also slanted bars added to prevent dumping, especially if you have heavy pots.

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  • Material
  • Capacity
  • Assembly
  • Value for Money


Overall, this plant stand is 55.5” tall, 29.5” wide, and 10” deep. It weighs 11.88 lbs. and suits indoor growing purposes.

I also like that they added a pair of gloves in the package for protection during assembly.  There are also anti-fall hooks attached to the stand that you can connect to the wall. This prevents tipping and falling.


Reinforced slats to prevent dumping

Made of natural fir wood

Added anti-fall hooks

Bundled with a free pair of gloves

Easy to assemble


Beware of wood splinters

There are uneven stain spots.


Magshion Bamboo 4-Tier Plant Stand

tall indoor plant stands for multiple plants

Another unit I recommend is the Magshion Bamboo 4-Tier Stand. It comes with four tiers that can house four large pots or more for small ones. This is a great choice for small grow tents or grow rooms with their small footprint.

This stand is made of bamboo that can support up to 20 lbs. of potted plants. It’s also wind and moisture-resistant, which is true to bamboo’s characteristics.

The slanted design of the vertical frames makes this stand less likely to fall. It’s a free-standing plant rack, which you can easily move around the house.

Moreover, the bamboo wood material has a laminate coating that boosts its durability against various elements. It also uses a bottom lock and embedded screws to ensure that the stand will remain durable for years.

Aside from that, the feet of this stand is in full contact with the ground, making it skid-proof and shake-proof.

However, you have to be careful when installing the screws since this is made of bamboo, after all. If you’re too forceful, the wood may split or become damaged.

  • Laminate coating for moisture protection
  • Small footprint
  • Can support up to 20 lbs.
  • Embedded screws for stability
  • The wood will split if you use too much force during assembly.

CFMOUR Multi-Tier Plant Stand

Do you have a lot of potted plants? If so, you should get the CFMOUR Multi-Tier Plant Stand. This is made of natural wood that resists shrinkage, heat, and moisture.

It’s also constructed with a stable triangle design that removes the risk of loose screws. Overall, this modular design can support up to 150 lbs., which is way more than enough for most potted plants.

Aside from that, this plant stand underwent carbonized treatment to retain the wood’s texture and increase its durability. The best part is that the wood and connective materials are free from formaldehyde, paint, and other coatings with off-gassing.

Moreover, this plant stand is 44.9” tall on the highest tier, 34.8” wide, and 11.6” deep. This spacious plant stand can easily house two or more small pots in every tier. It’s also nice-looking, which is surprising for its price range.

Another thing I like about this plant stand is it came with mini garden tools like gloves and a mini hammer. It’s an added value, and it also makes assembly much easier.

This stand can be tricky to put together since you have to make sure that the plastic pieces are turned the right way.

  • No screws that will get loose
  • Carbonized treatment for durability
  • Resists moisture and heat
  • Can support up to 150 lbs.
  • Bundled with small tools
  • Assembly is tricky since it doesn’t use traditional screws
  • I wish it’s a little heavier.

HOMEXIN Bamboo Multi-Tier Plant Stand

If you want a tall plant stand with the smallest possible footprint, you should consider the HOMEXIN Bamboo Multi-Tier Plant Stand. This is made of bamboo with 6 tiers that can accommodate 7 potted plants.

Unlike other wood stands with rough edges, this one from HOMEXIN is stained for a smooth surface. It’s also water-resistant and comes with protective pads at the bottom. The pads prevent the stand from scraping your floor.

Aside from that, HOMEXIN has excellent customer service in case you have issues with the stand you received. They will replace the unit if there are manufacturing defects.

The bonus part is that this plant stand can be bought in walnut or nature color. It can also be used in grow rooms or tents without sustaining damages.

My only gripe over this plant stand is the instructional manual that comes with it. It’s printed so tiny that it’s quite hard to read. Also, nothing in the parts is labeled, so it can be quite annoying for those who don’t have the knack for putting up things.

  • The bottom is reinforced for stability.
  • Equipped with bottom pads to protect your floor
  • Water-resistant coating
  • Replacement guarantee
  • The manual in the package is hard to read.
  • The parts aren’t labeled.

How to choose indoor plant stands

You’ll never run out of options when it comes to tall indoor plant stands for multiple plants. There are literally hundreds of units in the market with varying designs. To help you narrow down your options, here are some things to consider:

✔️Select the type

The first thing you have to think about is the type of plant stand you’re going to get. There are multiple types to suit the look that growers want. Generally, you’ll find these three major types of plant stands in the market.

  • Tiered. This plant stand design is the most common option in the market. It comes in multiple tiers and is suitable for those with small spaces at home. This plant stand can also hold multiple pots but is not as versatile as the nesting type.
  • Nesting. A nesting type of plant stand is made up of multiple individual parts that can fit together, thus the name. It’s versatile, and indoor growers can place it anywhere they wish. In addition, it’s multi-dimensional and can be downsized or upsized to accommodate more plants.
  • Single. Single stands are made to accommodate one pot at a time. It elevates the plant from the floor but not as high as nesting, or tiered types do. Still, single plant stands are aesthetic and could complement tall ones.

✔️Measure for your plant stand

Once you’ve picked the stand type you need, the next thing you need to do is measure up for the size you need. For this part, you need to consider three things: the space you have, the number of plants, and the size of its pots. Here’s a rundown of each one:

  • Space you have. This is often the make-or-break part when selecting a plant stand to buy. You have to factor in the space you have at home or in your grow room. Besides, you wouldn’t want a plant stand that’s too big for the installation site. With this, you should check the dimensions of the stand then compare it to where you plan to place the unit.
  • Number of plants. Aside from the space you have, you also need to consider the number of plants you plan to put on the stand. The good thing is that plant stands are available in various pot capacities.
  • Size of pots. One thing that indoor growers overlook when buying a plant stand is the size of the pots. You have to make sure that each tier can accommodate the pots you use on your plants. Otherwise, your plants may fall, or the stand itself may tip over.

✔️Decide about the material

Plant stands come in different material options. This will affect the durability and quality of the stand, so make sure that you know what you’re getting. Here are the four most common material types used on plant stands:

  • Solid wood. If budget isn’t an option, solid plant stands are good options. It will last for years and can accommodate heavy pots. However, it also comes at a high price.
  • Bamboo. If you want a cheaper wood plant stand, you’re better off getting a bamboo type. It’s lightweight, cheaper, and has a rustic look. However, bamboo is less durable than hardwood.
  • Metal. Metal plant stands are stable, durable, and can support heavy pots. You can also paint it with different colors easily.
  • Plastic. Plastic plant stands aren’t a common option since it’s the least durable material. Nevertheless, it’s cheap, but you can rarely find them on tall versions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do you put a plant stand?

A: Plant stands can elevate the aesthetic of your living room by placing them beside or behind a sofa. It can also be an accent piece beside shelves or other furniture. And if you have a grow room, a plant stand can help save space, allowing you to cultivate more without the need for additional space.

Q: What’s the purpose of a plant stand?

A: A plant stand can serve many purposes at home. It can save space, add aesthetics, or help your plants grow better. The main goal is to lift the plants from the ground or floor, which makes them easier to care for and cultivate. A plant stand will also keep your plants out of reach of curious toddlers and pets.

Q: How do you stabilize a plant stand?

A: Plant stands are prone to tipping, especially if you have kids or pets around. To prevent this, you can place heavy and decorative stones at the bottom. This will counterbalance the weight of your plants so that the stand will remain stable. Some indoor growers will reinforce the feet of the stand with additional material to make it resistant to bumps.

Q: How do you water plants in a plant stand?

A: When watering plants in a plant stand, you should place a platter underneath it. This will catch the draining water to prevent making a mess inside your home. Some growers will take the plant out of the stand, though this takes a lot more effort.

Q: Can I use plant stands inside grow rooms?

A: Plant stands can be used in both grow rooms or grow tents. Just make sure that you measure it properly based on your pot size and the space you have. Also, you should choose a material that can resist the humidity level and temperature you currently have in your grow room. 

Q: What should I do if my plant stand is leaning?

A: A leaning plant stand means it lacks stability. You need to reinforce the bottom or check the screws you used. You may need to tighten them to fix a wobbly stand. Also, you should consider the possibility that you’re overloading the stand beyond its rated capacity.

Final words

Tall indoor plant stands for multiple plants let you save space and add aesthetics to your home. It’s also a helpful accessory for grow rooms or grow tents with limited space. Just make sure that you get one with long-lasting material and proper dimensions that match your plants.

What do you think of these plant stands? Share your thoughts below in the comment section!

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