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What To Plant On Either Side Of Garage: Ideas You should Try

What To Plant On Either Side Of Garage: Ideas You should Try

Are you an individual who loves gardening in your backyard or empty space at home? Do you know what to plant on either side of garage? 

Do you have a garage at home? There are various ways where you can turn this into a great spot for plants especially on the side of it. This might be challenging as the space is a bit small for you to plan a landscape here. Another reason you might encounter when you plan to have a change in the garage area is that soil is compacted. 

However, there are many plants you can try to have whenever you wish to have a garden in this area. Why do you need to put a plant in your garage area? This will help you to change the mood of the whole area, keeps the area appealing, and at the same time, you can use the area for your creativeness. 

If you are thinking about what would be the plants and how you can enhance your garage then this blog is perfect for you! Here are some of the ideas you can plant in your garage area. 

Planting Ideas And Plants You Can Try To Put In The Side Of Your Garage

1. Ferns

When you have a sloped lot where it is located on the top of your garage, you can use this space to build your garden. This will make the place more interesting and at the same time, you can maximize well the area.

There are plants that are intended for this idea such as skinny fern pine and mahonia. You need to look for that to make it realistic and more appealing. This is a perfect view whenever you are entering your garage. These are the plants that will help you to make it happen.

This can have growth from skyward to the down area of the garage. However, in doing this idea you need to make sure that you ask for guidance from the experts. You need to know how much weight does your sloped lot area on the top of your garage can handle. This is very important before doing this to prevent any accidents in the future. Whenever you have a big space, on the rooftop either in a garage or in your house, you can make this idea. Just make sure before doing this you have your equipment and you know well the capacity of the area. 

2. Succulents and Perennials

The succulents and the perennial plants make the best combination for your garage space. Perennial was known for its beautiful flower. While succulent is perfect as a decoration even for outdoor and indoor purposes. Whenever you wish to change your garage side image, you can try to landscape it and put a simple garden.

Succulent is known as cute plants and perennials can be taller, so it is a perfect match! Usually, you can see this kind of plants combination on the beach or at the park. You can help to hide the skinny soil in the garage. Also, this can make it more appealing and at the same time. You can utilize the space well.

Plants can make your house more colorful and at the same time more lively. So, whenever you see that the paint in your house is fading yet you don’t have enough money for you to buy. A plant is an alternative. This would start on your garage, designing by planting different plants. This would bring a different aura just entering your house, and even you can notice this factor only the flower of the plants can bring.

3. Ornamental plants ( Cactus, ornamental grass, Fishbone cactus)

There are many types of ornamental plants but this three are very popular for gardening your garage. The garage can have a drought-type of soil, and to change this you need plants that are capable of surviving this. Cactus, ornamental grass, and fishbone cactus are the ones you can plant on this type of soil. 

You may not have time to dig water in every day in your garage area, so you just need plants to cope with it. This will change the mood of the garage at the same time. These plants can grow fast and taller than the other plants. Usually, people do this kind of gardening when they want to put a green color on the side area of their house or in the entrance, but you can practice this at the same time in your garage.

4. Trellising plants

You can choose from a lot of variants of trellising plants to put in your garage. Oftentimes, want this kind of plant as it gives great appeal and color to the house or backyard. Lso, it is attractive to put on the entrance gate of your house. Vines and peas are very common for most people in other countries, but it is hard to maintain this. Look for the trellising plants which can offer colorful flowers to make your house and garage look clean and in nature. 

Whenever you have plants at home, you feel relaxed and at the same time, you can make a shade in your garage. This will help as well to purifies the air coming inside your house as it releases oxygen. There is a lot of old restaurants across the globe which has this kind of image, as this defines authenticity for them. 

5. Shrub 

The shrub is used not only for the outdoor view but as well as for indoors. Whenever you wish to change the appearance of your garage you can put a shrub here. You can put on garden lights for you to fully enjoy the view. There are a lot of variants of shrub, anything woody plant that has a lot of stems is what you called shrubs. 

The shrub is perfect in your garden as it suits all the area, even considered this as your houseplant. The great combination you can have for this is succulents. This will have a great combination as the shrubs are tall while succulents can’t be taller than this plant. So, whenever you are thinking of ideas to help you arranging your garage, this can be a good choice.

6. Milk Bush Succulent 

Milk bush succulent, this plant is perfect when the type of soil you have is dry. the plants can dehydrate itself and can survive without water for a long time. If you have dry soil in your backyard in or on the side of garage, this plant is perfect!

This plant doesn’t need water that much and rainfall should be enough. From the greenish leaves to yellowish green. Some of this milk bush succulent has purplish-green leaves.

The good thing of putting this at home in your garden, is it can help the empty area to look better.

These are the plants you can put when you have Dry Soil in the part of your garage

1. Lilac

Lilac is a good choice to plant on the side of your garage. Aside from its intense scents, this plant has a beautiful bloom that will surely make your garage look more beautiful. They used to grow in well-drained soil. Lilac bush grows 6 to 7 feet tall that is perfect to plant on the other side of your garage. 

So, whenever you wish to have a great view every morning and you want to spend your coffee time while enjoying the fresh air you need to plant lilac. This will emphasize even more the beauty of the whole area of your house at the same time has a great power to purify the air.

2. Aloe Vera

Wherever you go, aloe vera plants are common houseplants you can find in your garage. Aloe vera is well known for its medical benefits. This can be used in treating sunburn and minor cuts. For instance, if you go swimming and forget to bring your sunblock you can easily treat your sunburn as your home remedy.

Most of the succulent plants grow in dry soil and have thick leaves, this includes aloe vera.  These plants can also produce a flower that has colors yellow, red, orange, and pink that are perfect to decorate on the side of your garage.

There are a lot of health benefits you can expect from an aloe vera, you can use this for your hair, skin, and even your face. You can use this daily especially if your place is too dry to keep hydrated. There are a lot of juices today which has the flavor of it as research shows it is beneficial for the people who are suffering from ulcer, constipation and other digestive system problem.

3. Lavender

Do you love the scent of lavender? Whenever you go on shopping and you would choose the room sprayer with the mists of lavender or probably your detergent smells like this. The smell is very popular for most of us, but do you really know what lavender flowers can give you?

When you hear the word lavender probably because of its color. But these plants are a good plant to include in your garage and landscape ideas. Moreover, this plant is more than just a plant placed in your garage but it also has medicinal purposes. Lavender has a lot of possible health benefits that are good for humans. Whenever you feel stressed you can make a tea out of lavender. It has the benefits of relieving stress and anxiety and promotes sleep.

4. Rosemary

If you are an individual who loves to eat dinner in a good restaurant then probably you know this too well. This can be found in a lot of recipes today and this can make all the foods flavorful. Another this plant can offer is the smell your dish can have from this. 

Rosemary is a herb that is well known and often used in seasoning. They often used it to spice up their recipes. But what’s good about rosemary is that it can live for as long as 30 years so this is perfect to plant in your garage. Once you need these herbs you can easily find and pick them in your garage. These plants also bloom beautiful flowers in white, pink, purple, and blue. 

5. Gray Dogwood

Gray dogwood can survive to plant in the dry soil and this is perfect to plant on the side of your garage. And this usually grows 4 to 10 feet long which blooms to green flowers and fruits that turn into the color white. However, these plants need a big space in order for them to grow and spread in every direction. So to keep it under control you need to do pruning if you see that its leaves spread widely.

These are the plants you can put when you have a Wet soil type in the side part of your garage

1. Primrose

Primrose plants can tolerate living in wet soil. These flowering plants bloom mostly in the winter season and have flowers of different colors purple, yellow, red, pink, blue, and white. These plants are suitable on the other side of the garage because they can add more colors to your landscape. 

Actually primrose is an adaptable plant that is easy to plant and easy to find. You can see them in every garden of your neighbors. They can multiply each year which is good for adding colors outside your house when you take care of them and give them proper growing conditions.

2. Winterberry

Winterberries can also be found on the other side of your garage.  Winterberries grow 3 to 16 feet tall, ideally, they can grow above the roof of the garage. These plants can grow easily and because of their colorful berries, this may lighten up and add some attraction on the side of the garage. The berries of these plants can be eaten by the birds as their food.  They usually grow in wet soil and during the winter season. It blooms also as a flower but not like the other plants that have its full bloom, its flower is very small and not clearly visible. The color of the flower is white.

3. Laurel

If you are an individual who loves to cook then you know this plant. There are a lot of dishes where you can actually use this for a lot of recipes you wish to cook at home.

It is a good thing to know that you have this whenever you cook and you don’t need to buy it at a grocery store. When you have this in your garden you don’t need to worry as you can just pick. 

This is also perfect for planting on the side of the garage because this is a flowery plant that is also good in giving attraction to your garage. The color of its flower is pale yellow.

Mostly it usually grows in a moist area. Laurel leaves are aromatic and most popular for kitchen seasoning. It grows about 25 to 55 feet tall, so some of the planters keep pruning the plants to prevent increasing. 

Reasons Why You Need Landscaping For Your Side Part On The Garage

You can build plants habitat

Knowing the fact is a very important part of the cycle of biological life. Humans and plants are natural partners, humans can release carbon dioxide while plants can produce oxygen which is vital to humans. Plants are able to clean and purifies the air you can breathe so it is important to have plants at home.

In order to be more organized if you wish to protect plants even in your garage, you need landscaping. This is for the plants to have a natural habitat for them to be protected at any cost. Landscaping is essential for the area you wish to have a garden. You can free the plants from pests, your plants can absorb a good quality of soil which is they need this for proper nutrients. You don’t need to put any fertilizer for the soil, and the most important part about landscaping is it helps nurture the plants.

If you wish to use the spaces in your garage you might want to have some medicinal plants which are really beneficial. So, whenever you think you like to have some positive energy at home and great view landscaping is needed to create a more appealing garden.

Establish good management

Whenever you wish to plant in your backyard, you would think what are the essentials things. One of the most important is the soil, so you need to ensure the condition of it. You need to build solid management on it so that your plants will grow healthy. 

Landscaping is needed for you to know the water needed for the soil you have at home. Some of the areas at home can have a drought type of soil. You will need help from people who are experts in water management. The same if the area is exposed to possible floods. They know how to properly arrange the area and what will be the best solution for it. Landscaping can help you to solve the issues like this, so whenever you have some concerns it is right to address them with the experts.

Landscaping can help your mental health

There are a lot of studies that show how beneficial plants are to humans’ recovery and mental health at the same time. Whenever you have a great view of the garden at home, it can help you to reduce stress. Landscaping can give you this, so one of the reasons that you need this is for the perfect view. 

Experts can help you a lot to make this happen. Whenever you are having a stressful day you can just look at it and you can feel some relief. Research shows as well the importance of having plants at home as this can prevent depression and anxiety at the same time. You can protect your mental health just your physical health. 

Reduces Pollution 

The fact is that a lot of people have this advocacy to help the whole community and the environment by planting trees. The fact is that trees and plants can help to reduce pollution from the environment. Government as well encourages people to plant to save the next generation. 

Thus, planting near your house is essential at the same time. When you want to make your own garden at home you need people who are experts in the field. Landscaping is an option to do this and to set everything at its finest. Plants at home can help the whole family breathe purified air. You can experience fresh and clean air in a more natural way.

Helps to preserve nature

One of the good thing having a small garden is for you to feel nature even your in the city. You can always feel that you are with nature and you are also helping nature. Landscaping is one of the effective ways to preserve nature where you can always have an option to make. You can choose what will be the best combination of plants and at the same time what style and design would you prefer. 

So, whenever you think you can contribute to the environment this is a good thing to do with your whole family. Preserving nature in your simplest ways can have a big impact on the next generation. 

A great recreational activity 

Landscaping can be done by not so expert, you can just do this with your family. However, oftentimes it is more advisable to seek help from people who are experts in this field. One of the recreational activities you can choose and you can do with your kids is gardening. It is a great opportunity for everyone to show their creativeness. 

You can show your kids the importance of planting and what are things you need to have to create your own garden. So, whenever you would like to have a great activity for the whole family this can be a great option. You can choose from a lot of types of plants, from medicinal, to the ones that can produce flowers and some are food. 

Helps you to enhance your place 

Plants are a great decoration to be considered, you can have this in your office, room, backyard, and even in your car. This helps enhance the view in your place and could turn to a more natural and homey feeling whenever you would enter the place. 

It is not enough for you to have a lot of paintings at home or even color on your walls. There is something about the plants that could help you to improve your place. Even if you are living in a condo, apartment, having plants can help you to make your place more appealing and cozy. 

A house with plants is so different from a house, condo, and apartment that is full of paintings. If you are planning to renovate your place consider having plants as your decoration. This will help a lot and at the same time, it will give you a lot of benefits. Plants are good to your eyes and it reflects your energy. Same thing with your mental health, whether you are suffering from insomnia, depression, and anxiety. This can definitely help your recovery. 

When you are living in a busy city and noisy place, a great landscape is a great escape.

Final Thoughts

Having houseplants in your house can beautify spaces. More plants can make your house more attractive and calm. there are a lot of plants you can have today that can bring positive vibes, energy at home which is a great thing. 

Before you decide on what to plant on either side of your garage, make sure to look at what type of soil is there in your garage.  Of course, houseplants will depend on the soil to grow strong and healthy. With this, you can classify what type of houseplants you can plant outside of your garage. 

Do you have a garden at home? What are plants on the side of the garage area do you have? 


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